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12-07-2006, 12:41 AM
Bet you been around these old girls. 34Z
They are opening up a new camp and till they get on city power they are using the old camp power houses. This house in nice shape! Couple of old D379. And they are pristine!. What I real like about them is that I have look all over and there is not one place I can plug my computer into! It can be refreshing after battling Cat ET on the newer engines.
This is one of my pet power houses. I stop by from time to time and make sure they are ok. It is an excuse to listen to them run! It a bone dead simple power skid and I love it!
Simple switch gear simple engines
You can actually fix thing on thease. I had a voltage regular go out on the other camp. Found another voltage regular under a pile of trash. It had a tag on it as been rebuilt in 1984.But it was taped for 480 Volt AC. This setup was 208. Got out my soldering iron moved the tap and we were back on line.
It nice when thing go right!

12-07-2006, 04:16 AM
Yes they were quite a engine in their day & I have rebuilt lots of them because they were popular here in big drag lines in the coal strippings & some gen. sets too.The engine was also built in 12 & 16 cylinder engines as we had two tech schools here in my area that had them, one had two G398s & the other school had 5 of the G399s.They were not diesel but were set up for natural gas but still were the basic engine same as the diesel with mags on them & lower compression pistons & other items needed for a spark ignited engine.We also had lots of the engines that were made before the D379s called the D364 & D375 V8s & the 12 cyl. D386 & D397s.

12-07-2006, 02:20 PM
Hello Steve,
Great to see you have found some REAL "CAT" gen sets, that was when they were really building them to last a lifetime. Have a GREAT Xmas, will be thinking of you.

Regards. Alan & Nola, Christchurch. N.Z.