View Full Version : D2 4U-2853 & D4 6U-2083 for auction in Canada July 13

06-26-2013, 12:24 PM
Hi everybody

My dad is auctioning off all his farm equipment in northern Alberta on July 13. Included are D2 serial # 4U-2853 and D4 serial # 6U-2083. Here is a link to the poster: http://www.eastmanauctioneering.com/Auction%20sale%20posters/iftody%20-%20Color%20Poster.pdf

If it does not display, go to www.eastmanauctioneering.com and search for "Iftody July 13". The farm is north of Manning, Alberta. The D4 is from 1949 and the D2 is older. D4 has a canopy and a logging winch, new injectors, extra rollers, and rebuilt starter engine. Please come check it out, there are fewer and fewer of these machines left!

Marty Iftody