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curious relic
09-17-2013, 11:41 PM
Hi All,

some years ago Old Magnet posted a great series of pictures and commentary on how to overhaul the flat seat injectors used on D4400s and similar vintage engines. I tried a number of search terms and even tried to list all of his posts, but came up with nothing- maybe my search-fu is not up to snuff? or did it disappear while I was gone from here for a few years?

At the time I didn't need the info but tried to save it, thinking that "Ya know, I will need this someday" and that someday is now, but of course can't find it. Any ideas?

Also, as a side question, on some of the old posts that might have been relevant there were obviously images attached that I could not bring up, they take the form of the icon that looks like a blue page of paper with a folded upper right corner and three horizontal blue lines that might indicate text. What is it? am I missing a plugin for firefox or something?

curious relic

Garlic Pete
09-18-2013, 06:47 AM
Is this the post you were talking about? If not, I found some others which might be what you're looking for. Post and I'll see what I can find, or Old Magnet will probably help when he sees this.


On the pictures, the icon you are seeing is all that is there. Each user of the bulletin board is allocated a certain amount of space to store pictures. The user owns the pictures they upload and the space they take up is charged to their allocation. Because of this, those of us who post a lot of pictures sometimes run out of space and have to go back and delete old pictures in order to make room to post new ones. When the user deletes their pictures, the bulletin board replaces them with that blue icon you saw to indicate that there once was a picture there.

The picture space allocation used to be very restrictive and was a source of frustration. We were able to increase the space allocation dramatically a few years ago and space is much less of an issue now. I think the upgrade which is being worked on may even provide more space, but I don't envision a time when space will be unlimited, since the cost of servers, storage space and database management software would become prohibitive.


Old Magnet
09-18-2013, 08:42 AM
Yes, that's how it works (wrong).
Fortunately somehow I have been allocated a generous amount of space but every now and then I clean out those files and I'm about to do it again. Can't see me being the storage media for a bulletin board operation that should have its own. My understanding is that this would be fixed as part of the new upgrade and ACMOC would own the material.
Looks like back peddling on that feature already. For now if you want to save materials I'd recommend you copy when you see it.

curious relic
09-18-2013, 02:07 PM
Thanks guys,

It does make sense now, I thought I was just being stupid there when I couldn't load the pics.

Pete, yes that is one of the threads I looked at, thanks for finding it.

OM, I'm with you on that, you shouldn't have to be an unpaid personal archivist to ACMOC.

Bummer about the old pics being GFE (gone for ever), lesson learned. I tried a test run on some
current posts with attachments and appear to have been successful. they were jpegs and the
right-click, save image as seems to have grabbed them to my disk. I am assuming that pdfs and
the other formats supported by the v bulletin software will work the same.

I did find a number of pics of the injectors and procedures posted by OM, very helpful.

But what I was really looking for was a bunch of stuff from EDB in a post titled "fuel injection
system testing" from 3-19-2007, pics all gone, so I am on a quest to find the source documentation.

What are the titles and part numbers of the Cat fuel injection manuals? I searched abebooks and fleabay
and came up with nothing. I know Florin Tractor and maybe others have rooms full of old manuals but
I think I should have some numbers before calling them.

I can build the laps and other tooling as needed, so that's not a problem, and I did find the post where
EDB mentions the radius of the laps being 2 1/2 inches- critical info.

curious relic

Old Magnet
09-18-2013, 03:02 PM
The problem is there isn't a whole lot published on fuel injectors and what there is is mainly about testing and running the Cat test apparatus.
For years Cat played injection information close to the chest with only "what you see with your eyes" availability. EDB has the advantage of actually working in an injector shop at one time. Maybe he can be coaxed into posting the info again. I'm sure some other folks archieved his info as did I.

If your looking for instructions on test apparatus look for Form #11238-3rd revision or in later fuel injection test bench instruction Form FEO11238-revision 7 which is part of a later and more extensive binder full of info on all systems at the time. The one I have is printed in the 70's and is kind of hard to come by.

The one other usefull manual is "The Servicemen's Reference Book for Caterpillar Fuel Injection Pump Housings" Form 7272E with various revisions. Covers most but not all injection pumps, mostly being the forged body pump housings.

This is the exact sort of info that ACMOC should be capturing but we're having a hell of a time convincing.

09-18-2013, 06:41 PM
I'm still doing the old style injectors. I have the test bench, the tools and the factory procedures and specs.
I reseat the needle valves and set the injectors to factory specs and even give them a coat of Old style yellow paint, all for $75.00 per injector.
When it comes to the pumps, I take them apart and reseat the check valves if necessary. If the pumps are not to far off from specs, I recalibrate them so their output is up to new specs.
Best way to ship is by Parcel Post in their shipping box for $12.35
Look for my add in back of most recent ACMOC mag. I'm here to take care of your needs. Bill Walter, 816 891 8654 or wltrbet@aol.com