View Full Version : Cat HQ to stay in Peoria

02-24-2015, 06:21 AM
I see in the news yesterday that Cat announced after a two-year study that their HQ is to remain in Peoria, which I'm sure is to the great relief of everyone there.

02-24-2015, 06:32 AM
where were they going to move it too?

02-24-2015, 06:40 AM
any lower tax state.

02-24-2015, 07:03 AM
where were they going to move it too?

Article I read didn't say, just that they'd spent a while investigating and concluded that staying put was the best option. But others have mentioned plants and suppliers contemplating moves to places like Texas and Georgia

Oil Slick
02-24-2015, 07:45 AM
any lower tax state.

Maybe they should move to sunny California! Lmao

Deas Plant.
02-24-2015, 09:50 AM
Hi, Folks.
Here is a link to a 'sneak' pre-view of the new HQ building: