View Full Version : CAT 60 Manifolds made in England

03-15-2015, 06:28 AM
A Lunch time deal for the Cat-Cave has resulted in a deal to acquire drawings to re-cast the CAT 60 Gas Engine Manifolds!

Apparently there are 3 different types of Exhaust Manifolds used in the production of the 60's ??,,

Please Note: The 60's are New Territory for "CM", Only Gone into Details on the 30's to date:

He can Confirm over Lunch today, Hand-Shake Deal has been done, Confidential Paperwork to appear in the letter mail soon for signing and mailing back etc.
Cat-Cave have been Approached (with Good Faith) to Re-Manufacture Gas 60 Manifold Parts for In-House Projects.

So, 1st on the List are the different Exhaust Manifolds used on the Gas 60's.

Very Similar to the Cat 30 Exhaust Manifolds re-manufactured at the "Cat- Cave" only a little bit larger.

If anyone is seriously interested in the CORRECT Made to Spec Manifolds for your 60 project, contact me or contact "CM" directly to get your order in!