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09-02-2015, 09:27 PM
Hey OldMagnet,

I'm in need of a pony motor for my 14-a 98xx. It has a mag sitting verticle. Ray (SteelTracks) has a pony that has a horizontal mag. It's a 77 series pony. Can I make it work? What were the different set ups for?

Paso Bob
09-02-2015, 10:06 PM
Hey Glen,

I'm no Old Magnet but about a year ago I bought a blown pony engine off of a D-7E with a good clutch/tranny and bendix that I was after. Most everything on it was the same as my 14A except for it had a horizontal mag and different hookups for the coolant and exhaust. I'm told the later 50's D-7's, D-8's and D-9's all shared the same basic pony engine with a few different modifications.

09-02-2015, 10:34 PM
So I guess my question is which is the correct one, so I don't get into a complete conversion scenario?

Old Magnet
09-03-2015, 12:13 AM
I'll dig in to more detail tomorrow. To start, the obvious is different front covers to handle the mag mount. Along with the different cover for the horizontal mag mount comes different mounting for the motor. Blocks interchange but the 14A has 360 degree counterweight crank and the later has 180 degree crank. Water line stuff interchanges. More later.

Old Magnet
09-03-2015, 10:48 AM
After doing a fair amount of digging it appears the pony motors will interchange but not without fiddling with some connection piping and swapping over parts. I wouldn't call it a straight bolt on but can be done.
Main difference is internal with the crank as I mentioned, mounting brackets turned out to be the same.
It's been a long time since there has been discussion on this topic and I recall there were a few hang ups but nothing that prevented the interchange from happening. Just can't remember it all.

09-03-2015, 02:04 PM
The starting engine in 14a-15a-18a-19a-w21-w20-583 and more use the same block with the front cover for magneto vertical