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09-16-2015, 01:17 PM
Going over the July/August publication issue 122 or rather re-re reading it. I keep going over the member profile of a Mr Norm Willson or Mr HP. Particularly the part where he would add 2 discs to the steering frictions and always put new springs in. Now I understand the new springs where the tension may be gone even though they measure up. The question is, is there really enough room for the clutch to work properly( when measured up within specs) with those two extra discs? If the general concensus is yes I will pull them both out and add some.

Love the fact he wants 100-120 HP per 10 000 lbs. That would put the old 6 at 190Hp give or take, more than twice what it has now... one way to find the weakest link lol

09-16-2015, 02:43 PM
yep, did this back in the 70's on a wore-out 7m. also I think the disks were out of a 25ccu. , I suppose it was so wore-out there was plenty of room. anyway it worked

09-16-2015, 04:05 PM
The speck in serviceman's reference book is less than 2 15/16 stack thickness add one of each disc.The older book doesn't have a max thickness,but some here have stated it.When times where bad I have put a stack together with 14 of each,hoped and prayed until I knew it would still turn,which it did. Lasted until times where better and put all new plates in.

As for horse power I have operated 6 different D6 9u's,and there is a great variation in what you get out of them.What was my main tractor was turned up to 1750RPM or a little more.Now have one with a extra large dry air cleaner that may out work old NO 1. It came from a ranch that had a old Cat expert do all their repair work and he was known to help you get all there was in your Cat.

Cat ran the 318's in DW 10 scraper faster and with different parts in the pump than a D6 and claimed 120+ HP.Cat also offered a turbo in the other parts section of the parts book.Who knows what you could get combining the 2.

09-16-2015, 05:09 PM
Hi Team,
at The Dealer we would add extra plates/discs, as needed, to get the clutch packs up close to full stack height.
If the discs/plates were only worn a bit but were still in good condition on their surfaces and splines we would do this any time we overhauled a steering clutch pack.
We tested the spring condition on a valve spring tester and replaced with new springs as needed.
Eddie B.