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02-29-2016, 12:26 PM
I recently worked on the starting engine, cleaned gas tank, changed oil on the diesel and tried to start the starting engine. It cranked several times and now only turns the flywheel (behind the cab) about 1/4 turn. The rotation stops firmly. Wondering if perhaps a valve dropped?? I suspect the entire diesel and radiator assembly will need removal to open and diagnosis starting engine problem??
I thinking I should try to sell her.... Fischer 54 Northfield Minnesota.

Old Magnet
02-29-2016, 01:33 PM
Does the pony come to an abrupt stop still disengaged from the main engine or when cranking the main?

Deas Plant.
02-29-2016, 02:30 PM
Hi, Fischer54.
Sell or save???????????? I yain't sure 'cos the photo in question, #5 in your first post, the rear view of the machine, is only small and some of the machine is obscured by weeds but I would suggest taking a good, hard, long look at the 'square' bearing on the inside of the left tandem case where the tandem case pivots. It appears that the left rear wheel is leaning in at the top and this is usually an indicator that something is not right with that bearing and/or the drive axle into the tandem case.

Just my 0.02.

02-29-2016, 05:37 PM
Remove the mag and then try turning the engine.

03-01-2016, 08:23 AM
The flywheel stops abruptly, with a "clunk" when turning by hand.

03-01-2016, 10:50 AM
The flywheel stops abruptly, with a "clunk" when turning by hand.

With the mag off??

03-01-2016, 12:00 PM
Don't know.. I'm 300 miles from the patrol.. I try the mag trick when I can. If it turns freely w/mag off, what happened and what's the cure??

03-01-2016, 01:34 PM
Its not too bad to lift a pony off and take it home with you for repairs, but you will have to cover the pinion with something to keep out rain etc.

If taking the mag out doesn't reveal anything and the pony still won't turn past the obstruction, you can quickly pop the top cover and heads off and see what's going on inside............ even with the pony still mounted on the grader if you want.

Taking the mag out might show a bad gear or sometimes the shaft will break in one. Turning free and stopping against a hard obstruction doesn't really sound like a mag , though.

Don't think there's any way the clutch housing could be already machined for a starter from the factory, but wouldn't hurt to check below the pinion for a small cover held on by 3 bolts.

03-02-2016, 07:07 AM
300 miles away, Where are you from? The blade isn't far from me. It has sat in that same spot for a long time.

03-02-2016, 09:24 AM
A few years back my 9U starting engine did just what you describe, slams up against a hard stop.

I was in the process of removing the engine when a Dayton Tractor mechanic(at one time there were 100's of these tractors under their watch) told me before I remove the starting engine take the mag off. That was the issue!

Something in the impulse hangs up. I still have that mag I need to look it over and figure out how it could cause the hangup.

Anyway as ccjersey also says, it does give some limited view of engine moving parts.

03-02-2016, 01:44 PM
I'm in Stoughton Wisconsin, about 15 miles southeast of Madison.

The grader is at my Dad's (now younger brother's) yard just south of Northfield Minnesota. My struggle is a place to work on and store her closer to Stoughton.:help

03-02-2016, 08:17 PM
I see, that is a haul back and forth. Glad it is going to stay with family. Like I said, I have watched it sit there for a lot of years.