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Scott Kuehn
01-05-2007, 11:10 AM
We just aquired two Cat Pull Type Graders that I'm looking for information on. 1) Cat Pull Type, Leaning wheel grader # 2-A-73 and 2) Cat Pull type grader #R1767

I'm having a hard time finding any information on these. I've looked through all my old Cat books, but nothing has information on these. I went back through all the issues of the ACMOC publications i had and couldn't find anything either. Is there a good book or publication that covers these old graders?
Questions: Year, original color, etc.

We have a couple old Adams leaning wheel graders that I was finally able to find some information on.

Any help would be appreciated.


01-05-2007, 02:38 PM
Scott, I do have the instruction/Operators/servicemans books for near all pulled and old motor Graders, the Super-Reliance Cat Grader books I have are Effective with machine No R- 1501, the Sixty Leaning Wheel Grader books are Effective with Machine No 2A-1, pull graders are something I have never had a spanner on myself, but if I can help with anything I would be more than happy, 1928/1930 would be a good guess on the year , as its when the books were printed, the paint shade ????.

01-05-2007, 08:06 PM
Scott - Your Sixty pull grader, 2A 73, is also referred to as the Model 77. Not sure when the name change came about, or if it was because of confusion with the Sixty tractor model.

The other pull grader, R1767, is listed as a Super Reliance, which is actually a Russell grader. The S/No's commenced at R-1101.
I have the 64 page, 1923 Russell catalog, and it lists the Reliance grader, but not the Super Reliance.

The Super Reliance was a mid-1920's upgrade of the Reliance grader. It featured a 10' moldboard, 22" wide, and 9/16" thick .. and weighed 8,650 lbs.
Your graders sound like they are late 1928, early 1929 models, right on, or just after, the Cat buyout of Russell.

The Russell pull grader line was kept intact for a short period after Cat took over, but the nomenclature of the Russell range was changed to represent the tractor size required to pull the grader (usually HP, in that era) .. so a Cat Ten grader was designed to be pulled by a Cat Ten.

Cat rationalised the Russell grader line quickly in the 1929-30 period, and dropped numerous models .. no doubt due to the commencement, and then the deepening, of the Great Depression.
New model designations applied to the Russell graders, were the #10 (E101-up) .. #15 (D1001-up) .. #20 (S1001-up) .. #30(4A1-up) and the #60 (2A1-up) .. with the Super-Reliance apparently becoming the #20.

These graders only ran until 1931, when the new line of Cat-designed pull graders, with curved main frames (as against the straight main frames of the Russells design), were introduced. These graders were known as the #3 Hi-way Patrol, the #10, the #15, the #25, the #35, and the #60.

The Russell graders were painted a deep red. I don't know the color of the graders after Cat took over. Generally, scraping a well protected spot on the frame or axles will reveal the original paint.

01-05-2007, 11:59 PM
In the 1930 publication "Caterpillar Blade Graders" the Super Reliance is listed as follows : Caterpillar Super Reliance Grader - Standard equipment includes grader ( without scarifier ) with 12-foot blade, tire flanges, tractor pole, draft cable. ( 10-foot blade available. ) WEIGHT, 9,145 pounds. WEIGHT, with scarifier, 10,705 pounds. WEIGHT, with scarifier and backsloper, 11,415 pounds. Recommended Power- "Caterpillar" Sixty Tractor. Other models available were Super Mogul, Super Special, Twenty, Fifteen, Ten and #3 Highway Patrol in the pull grader.

01-07-2007, 02:02 AM
Scott, there is another Sixty Grader (power controlled) Effective with Machine No. 9C1, this is fitted with a small single cylinder engine ?,
The odd thing is I also have all the books for the Cat, No. 77 grader also power controlled saying on the front Effective with Machine No,9C1, the same No, as the Sixty????. not all the bits look the same , the front axle is one obvious item ,

01-07-2007, 07:39 AM
Here is something I found to show what matches up as Oz describes. I have spec sheet on the 77 also. As to colours on the 77 I only know of two possibilities, either yellow or olive drab if the machines were ordered for the US army.

01-07-2007, 08:45 PM
The Cat S/N ID book says there are two #77 pull graders .. under 'Product ID by Model'.
One is listed as the '60 Leaning Wheel' grader .. with a S/N commencing at 2A-1 .. the other 77 model is the '60 Power control' pull grader, with the S/N commencing with 9C-1.

No dates are given in the Cat S/N book, for the commencement of build for these models .. but the G.T. Barnard book (which is not always correct) gives the commencement build date of the "Sixty" 2A series pull grader (note the difference in spelling - 'Sixty' rather than '60' as in the Cat book) as 1929 .. then gives 1932, as the commencement build date, for the '#77', 2A series and 9C series pull graders.

The years built are listed at 1929-1931 for the first 'Sixty' pull grader .. then 1932-1942 for the '#77' pull grader ..

I do not believe the last build dates are correct, as my 1936/37 Pull grader catalog lists only the Trailer Patrol, the Hi-way Patrol, #22, the #33, the #44 and the #66 as the entire range of Cat graders, along with the #1, the #2, and the #22 Terracers.

There is no mention of the #77 pull grader in this catalog .. and there is no mention of it in the 1938 Motor Grader catalog .. which states on the back page, that there are "Four sizes of Blade Graders, two light maintenance machines, and three Terracers", available in the pull grader range.
I tend to the opinion,that the #77 was made obsolete in late 1936 .. when the new range of single frame graders, in the shape of the #33, #44 and #66, were released.

02-02-2007, 02:20 AM
Here's an ad I recently procured, which announces the new "Caterpillar Sixty, Leaning Wheel Grader" ..
The ad is dated August 14, 1930 .. which pinpoints the release date of the 2A series Sixty Grader, more accurately .. around the late Summer of 1930 ..

Cat Sixty Leaning Wheel Grader .. http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/4866/caterpillarsixtygraderig0.jpg