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10-03-2019, 01:56 PM
What grade oil do you use in a ten engine and backend
Thanks Bodie

Steve A
10-05-2019, 06:05 PM
I use 90-140 in the gear boxes, straight 30 in the engine, 40 if its well worn. Then you have to ask detergent or not, I believe in dropping the oil pans for inspection, I almost always find a large amount of sludge, once I have inspected and cleaned I use detergent oil.

10-07-2019, 04:17 AM
in our d4 we use caltex delo gold 15w40 in the engine and pilot motor. textrans tdh in the transmission and hydraulics its also a 75w80 gear oil and torque fluid 454 in the final drives and bevel gear case tdh and 454 both meet the cat TO-4 specification the name has changed for 454 as caltex(chevron) has regrouped their heavy equipment oils under the delo banner.

it was no problem we just rang their technical advice service and were told what products to use.

if you have the owner manual and service mans reference it will have what specs were used new and any oil company tech service should be able to match products to meet that need. BEWARE the final drives have bronze gears and cant use high zinc oils

10-07-2019, 06:02 AM
I use only Fusch oil 15W40 for engine. Its great oil.

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10-09-2019, 12:16 PM
non detergent 30 or 40 engine oil (non detergent for the old style babbit bearings, otherwise it could interfere with them as i was told)
i use the "regular 40" of Total brand.