View Full Version : Oil Filter for 6G30/R4

Lance Jones
11-02-2019, 11:20 AM
I just received a Filter Body Assy. for a 6G30/R4. There was no Filter inside , Parts Book shows 2 Numbers 6B907 element and 6B1851 Assy.
I seem to recall the later number is a Brass Tube ? Can I replace those Parts with an Updated version ? I have IR0659 Filter is stock and It Looks like would be a good fit to Me. Can anyone advise Me please if that is the Correct way to Go ? is the seal gasket 5B5937 still a good number ?. Thanks in advance . LJ

Rome K/G
11-02-2019, 11:36 AM
Not sure on the filter but seal number is good, $4.20 from Cat.

11-02-2019, 11:57 AM
There's more to converting one than swapping the filters. However it's possible yours has already been converted. There's been a lot of discussion and pictures posted of the internals in the past several years, but I don't have time to search them all up for you.

Maybe who ever sold the filter to you will know what kind of filter came out of it.

Old Magnet
11-02-2019, 03:13 PM
What's the s/n of the R4? 6G1214-up can accommodate the full flow 9F6430 conversion.
Need these parts to make it work.

Rome K/G
11-02-2019, 04:41 PM
4A0332 filter changes to 1R0729 Bypass group D4 7U1-12904
9F6700 filter changes to 1R0659 Full flow group D4 7U12905-up

Lance Jones
11-03-2019, 03:08 PM
Thank You all for Your response , I will pull it apart and see whats inside and Update to Later Filter Assy. Thanks again LJ