View Full Version : No. 4 Hi-Way Patrol vs Preco No. 1 Terracer

Delta KJ
03-06-2010, 07:18 PM
From the few pictures that I have seen of the No. 4 Hi-Way Patrol pull grader, it looks exactly like the Preco No. 1 Terracer. It is my understanding that Preco took over production of some of the Cat pull graders. Is the Cat. No. 4 Hi-Way Patrol identical to the Preco No. 1 Terracer?

Delta KJ
03-19-2010, 06:17 PM
I took a couple of photographs of my Preco No. 1 Terracer and compared them to the photograph and brochure information that I have on the No. 4 Hi-Way Patrol. They are very similar but are the designs identical? Can anyone give me some insight into the Cat/Preco relationship?

03-20-2010, 01:12 PM
I have the parts book for both these machines. I have the No. 4 Hi-Way Patrol from 3D1 To 3D200 and then the one for 3D201 up. I also have the Preco No. 4 HI-Way Patrol parts catalog for Serial Numbers #D1301-Up. This catalog states the grader was bilt by Preco Incorporated, 960 E. sixty-First St., Los Angeles I, California, USA, Under License from Caterpillar Tractor Co, Peoria, Il USA. My Grader is a Caterpillar N0. 4 Hi-Way Patrol Serial # 3D1048. Hope this helps.

03-20-2010, 04:03 PM
my guess cat didn't want to build them on the west coast, and made $$$ letting someone else build them. i seen one of those precos at a co-op in nw indiana. they use it for grading all the limestone roadways around a large elevator complex. good luck

Delta KJ
03-22-2010, 08:25 AM
Rodten, if you have a Preco No. 4 Hi-Way patrol parts book then there must be some differences within their Hi-Way Patrol and Terracer models. I have a Preco No. 1 Terracer parts book. If I emailed the parts book to you, would you look for the differences between the models? Or vice-versa?