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Thread: 1950 Cat D2 value

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    Default 1950 Cat D2 value

    I have run across a 1950 Caterpillar D2 for sale close to where I live. I am very interested in it but don't know what it's worth. Here is some information about the D2:
    Caterpillar D2 serial number 5U6296---1950
    one owner machine except for "dealer" who has owned the crawler the last 7 months
    came from estate sale in Canada
    468 hours
    does not have a blade and has never had a blade on it
    VERY good original condition
    has PTO
    has hydraulic pump hooked up to the PTO right now with control valve, hyd oil tank and couplings
    overall undercarriage about 50%
    can still read original stickers

    Does anyone have an idea what this crawler is worth or any other comments???
    Thank you, Roland (roerjm)

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    I would recheck the hour meter-
    If it averaged 8 hours a year for the last 60 years and wore out 50% of the tracks there is something very wrong-
    Must have dropped an number by the meter reader.

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    Confused Whatsit worth

    It's hard to say what any "antique" tractor is worth. With a 50% undercarriage the machine should have WELL over 400 hours, or is the hour meter even working? Does it start and run well? What shape are the finals, transmission and main clutch in? How is the Radiator? Is the sheet metal straight & solid? These are some of the things to look at before determining a price, and parts for these things don't come cheap.

    It all boils down to "it's worth what the buyer & seller can agree on". I have seen nice, restored D2's sell for around $5000 to $7000. Some parts machines can go for scrap metal prices. D2's that are in fair running condition can bring anywhere from $1500 to $3000.

    Talk to the dealer and find out what they want for it, think about how much time and money you would be willing to put into it after purchasing ( permission from the significant other may be needed), and go from there. I have never bought a tractor that was in better shape than I thought it was in after I got it home (the excitement of the new toy hides a lot).

    Good Luck!
    Rich Salvaggio
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    Default Closer to 5000 hours

    The description gives you the impression that it is an AG Cat. When you read various threads on the subject of the hour meter on the injector pump, you'll find most people agree that it really doesn't record accurately except at full throttle/load conditions. It will read lower than the actual hours on the machine as I would bet that a Farmer wouldn't run it at wide open throttle conditions. He would use enough throttle to get the job done while conserving fuel and wear and tear on the machine.

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    Just bought a 1950 D2 a month ago. Undercarriage is probably 80%, very straight sheet metal, hasn't run in a couple of years, has a blade with the pump and guard in front, electric starter on the pony. The more I looked the more impressed I was with the condition. Paid $2500 and probably have another $500 in it just to get it to run.

    If it's not running, I would think twice unless you can get it for a great price. I was banking on the previous owner saying that it ran great 2 years ago. I kept wondering if I was going to be happy with the deal until I got the pony and main engine running.


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