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    I have purchased a 435 scraper getting it ready for spring work I grased it and the pulley that is up in arm to the bowl was not turning so the cable has wore it to it Well the pin that holds the arm to the bowl needs to come out. Today I put some heat to the part around the pin in bowl friend helped with one more torch. We had it pretty hot banged with a big heavy shaft. a few times nothing moved. Friend says cut the gaurd off the pulley and fix it in place. So I cut off and welded up the pulley I had to move it with hammer and chisel get it fixed that just will not move good weld a rod to it and worked back and foreth. Did this for over 2 hours still tight to where the cable will not turn it. I give up the pin is going to have to come out. Any ideas to get that big pin out I going to see if the pin is still aviable. Maybe have to torch it out? Razz

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    Smile pin for 435

    Grace Tractor in Iowa should have parts. They've converted many of them to hyd.

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