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Thread: What is with SkimWords? Another '1984' type intrusion? Off with it!

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    Default What is with SkimWords? Another '1984' type intrusion? Off with it!

    I don't like this insidious intrusive BS Advertising Gimmick being added to this BBS!

    ""Shopping link added by SkimWords"

    Is everybody seeing the 'shopping links' present in some threads?

    What the hell are these?

    Maybe they're a virus or something on my computer only but if not and the BBS is doing it I would like it to cease!

    This BBS seems to have too many 'added processes' now (slows its response time!).

    Sorry to have gone off topic but it is part of the replies.

    Thanks, Daron

    I'm not seeing any such ads at my end....seems like a local problem. (OM)

    Off Topic----- It's in the page source code.

    O. M.

    This 'SkimWords' / 'SkimLinks' stuff is in the BBS page source code. It seems to be run by javascript.

    If this thread has its source code displayed and the word 'skim' is searched ('Find' - 'skim') the enabling code can be seen. m A brief Google search indicates it is an outfit that searches documents for possible selling words and ties a shopping link to them. In the first post the first sentence of the second paragraph "Pulled my Dozer off today, and bled out the fuel system. I had installed a primary fuel filter mount, new filters, new fuel gage." has the 'fuel system' and 'fuel filter' as red links to ebay with their words as ebay search terms. A click results in money to the page host (I think).

    I guess javascript has to be running for the thing to work.

    I suppose this should have been brought up in another forum but this is one of the offenders.

    Have a great time at Tractor Don's BBQ (please tell him I said HI!). I hope you don't have a foggy day!


    Hi Daron,
    Your getting beyond my reach with this "technobabble" stuff. Sure doesn't sound like that feature should be in the BB. I'd take that up with the BB operation folks. I don't want to even go looking for fear of catching some bug, worm or whatever.

    Totally fogged in here today, will have to see what the correct "look out the window" forcast is tomorrow. (OM)

    Haven't had the skim words experience yet on this BB, but do see something like that on some others. Not really a big problem since you don't usually run your mouse over the text fields.

    Engineering Tips has it

    Funny, now I see them. Red highlighted words in the text.....................

    D2-5J, D6-9U, D318 and D333 power units, 12E-99E, 922B & 910 wheel loaders, D330C generator set, DW20 water tanker and a bunch of Jersey cows to take care of in my spare time

    The above has been lifted from the "D6 9U Dry clutch" thread.

    What is going on? I see links to a SkimWords site in the source code. Have they 'skimmed' all of my personal data, bank account numbers, SSN, mother's maiden name, etc. from my machine during my perusals of the ACMOC site.

    Thanks, Daron

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    Daron, On Weds., 2/15, we updated the software for the forum. The following is an explanation from Megan when I asked for a report of the upgrade,

    "The upgrade moved us from version 4.1.5 to the latest 4.1.10. As you’ve seen, most of the changes were ‘under the hood’. There were 90+ styling updates (streamlining the appearance of the board) and 300+ bug fixes and improvements just in the latest upgrade, from 4.1.9 to 4.1.10."

    In addition, VBulletin has included the "Skimlinks" software. The feature to the club is that, in theory, if anybody clicks a skimlink and makes a purchase, we (ACMOC) receive money by accommodating the sale via Skimlinks. I have voiced several questions which will be reviewed and answered in the coming week or so. We are not married to it, and as I understand, we can opt out. Provided it works and can earn the club some funds, it may be worthwhile to keep active. That is yet to be seen. You needn't worry about the software hacking your personal data. If it were, we wouldn't have allowed it in the first place and would have pulled the plug in a heartbeat.
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