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Thread: No. 1 Terracer & No. 4 Hi-Way Patrol Article

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    I went rumaging through my Cat books and surprisingly found a Preco No. 1 Terracer parts books effective with serial number 9B1887-UP. The parts book looks like the typical Cat parts book for the older machines, brown cover printed in the Cat style.
    The book referenced the tires not by part number but rather by size, and provides a picture of the tread design. Front tires 4.00x12; and rear tires 6.00x16. I'm glad that the Precos used the Caterpillar markings. I will post photos when I get it restored...Someday!
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    Default Caterpillar No. 1 Terracer

    Please help.
    After a long sabbatical, I am now trying to finish the re-build of my Cat No. 1 Terracer, with four steel wheels.
    The front-end of the Terracer, where the A-frame meets the chassis, had been replaced with some Heath-Robinson set-up that is broken.
    I have to manufacture these parts so I would like to get them as close as possible to original.
    Does anybody have a picture or a diagram of the link between the A frame and the chassis?
    I am specifically looking for the detail where the 32mm shaft, with the spring, attaches somehow to the vertical shaft that holds the A frame in place & also secures the front axle assembly.
    I have a copy of the parts book but there is no 'blown up' diagram that shows this connection.
    It looks like there is a ring on the end of the shaft and that the vertical shaft holds that ring in place.
    I guess a ring is a good idea because this will accommodate all the up and down and sideways movements of the grader blade.

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