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Thread: D4 7U Dozer for sale

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    Default D4 7U Dozer for sale

    I have a D4 7U serial number 16681(I think, it is a little hard to read) with 8 foot dozer blade (does not angle or tilt) forsale. The tracks and rollers are in good shape and the diesel motor has good power. It has been setting in my barn since 2006 and has not been started. I used it about 25 or 30 hours in 2006 when building our home, but had to pull it to get started to put it in the barn. The pony motor would not start, no spark. This spring I removed the mag and sent it to a company in Maine and had it rebuilt. The pony motor now starts, but leaks oil and seems weak. Does not have enough power to get the big motor started. I give up! It is for sale as is, where it is. Whoever buys it can work on it in my barn or I will get someone to pull it to start to load on your trailer. It is a good old dozer, except for the pony motor, but understand I am not a mechanic. I hope someone comes and gets it started right away. I am asking $2,500 for it. It is located in Battle Ground, IN in my Morton Barn. I can be reached on 765-427-2658
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    Dakota blade guys??? Its not too far from me.
    PS u should nail that serial number down, its got plate fenders.
    Theres another serial number tag on the vertical rear case, upper left.
    Good luck seller.

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    Default Need help getting this tractor to Southern CALIFORNIA

    I would like to buy this tractor and get it to Southern California, anyone up for a series of road trips. Willing to pay cash or swap for anything that I have that someone might need.


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