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Thread: NOS D2 and D4 ? piston kits, gaskets, clutch plates

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    Default NOS D2 and D4 ? piston kits, gaskets, clutch plates

    Here are part# for the parts I have. 1- fan 2A1931, 4- piston, liners 4H7073, 1 gasket 2h5093, 1 -drum V151, 1-piston kit 1C1538 0.20 1- liner kit 8B438, 6- rings 6F7807, 1- cone 1B3991, 1-gasket 2H5101, 3-boots L1036, 2-rings 6F7807,1-bushing 1F905, 2-lens 9B7176, 1-seal 7b2553, 6-vales 4B5946, 4-rings 2A3660, 1-bushing 1F905, 1-seal 7B2174, 6-rings 1c11, 1-bushing 2A3615, 1-filter 8B5935, 1-gasket 7H1696, 1-gasket 7H2445, 1-bushing 1F5966, 4-pins 1c10, 4-pins 8F9283, 1-seal 1H9887, 1-sleeve 2A1998, 2-elements 4B5431, 4-vales 4B7264, 1-pinion 6D647, 1-nut 6B1576, 1-cone 1B3920, 1-oil seal 1B5990, 2-valves 4B7742, 2-nuts 8B9366, 2-gaskets 7H2415, 2-bellows 3B5762, 16-rings 1C11, 1-seal 5H424, 8-valve guides 1F5966, 2-seals 8B1601, 3-bearings 2F619, 7-bushing 6B1894, 4-pistons 1b1654, 2-pistons 2F2260, 1-gear T153, 3-sleeves 4B6341, 4-sleeves 8B438, 3-track links 6B4646, 4-track links 6B4645, 1-gasket 2H5091, 1-bracket 7F8393, 4-bearings T602, 2-bearings 1B314, 2-bearings 1B1432, 2-bearings 3B189, 1-gasket 2H5092, 1-gasket 2H5092, 2-gasket L2194, 5-flanges 2B1920, 8-flanges 2B6792, 1-fork V138, 1-lever 7B9382, 1-pin V222, 1-lever 3M6195, 2-clutch plates 4B3450, 1-lever 1B4935, 3-rollers 1B262, 1-collar 1A1647, 1-hub V150, 5-pistons 1C9, 1-sleeve 2A1998, 3-seals 7B2174, 1-race 4B3597, 4-seals 1B1069, 1-seal 5B965, 1-ring 7B5712, 3-gasket set 2H5081, 1-gasket set 1F9335, 3-gaskets 76875,

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