On October 14th at 4:46 PM Eastern the acmoc.org web site was suspended due to a copyright issue reported to the hosting company by the outfit that produces the software used in the forum. When contacted Monday the issue was determined to be misapplication of payment during renewal back in June and was corrected, upon which the software company contacted the hosting company who then activated the site at 11:47 PM Eastern. From that point on the site was unresponsive and essentially unusable. Repeated contact with tech support yielded no results until today. When calling in to speak with management about the extended outage and lack of response from support, I was speaking with a young lady in billing to get our customer ID which I didn't have handy. As I was discussing my furstration over the problem she asked for me to check the site and to my amazement it worked properly. Apparently they had a series of unrelated changes in their environment that have interacted to cause issues among client sites that were in a hold status, newly activating or suspended and it essentially throttled bandwidth from our server. She mentioned she just found out about it today and they were rapidly disseminating the info throughout their environment.

Basically we're back up and running 100% and I've made permanent changes to the licensing structure that will prevent any chance of that error crippling us again. Many thanks to those expressing support and channeling useful information during this crisis, and most especially to the users of this site for your patience. I apologize for not being able to post any info to the forum or site, unfortunately it just wasn't possible with the issues at hand.

Joe Black