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Thread: Multiple Pix Uploads

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    Default Multiple Pix Uploads

    How can I upload multiple pictures to the BBS with out doing the uploads individually? I have perused OM and Swish's postings but still haven't found an answer.

    Thanks, Daron

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    Default Multiple pics.

    I had trouble with this after the upgrade, too.

    After you click Add Files in the Upload Photos window, it defaults to only one file for addition. Right below and to the right of the Choose File button is a red square with a white plus sign in it. Click this and the software will add another Choose File button. Unfortunately, from what I can determine you're limited to six within one window as with the old software. I just do multiple groups of six until I get all the files I want uploaded.

    Also unfortunately, it seems that it will keep your preference for six files to add at a time only for this session. Once you leave the website and come back, you'll have to click the red box five times again when you want to do multiple uploads.


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