The ACMOC office got a call the other day and I spoke to this person a while ago.A gentleman by the name of Michael Kerr from Elberfeld IN has a person he knows that has a early D9G 66A. He did not have the serial # when I called him. but it was a early one. in the 3300 to 3600 serial # range. The machine is located in Southern IN. It as not run in quite some time. Michael is a old Cat Mech and looked the machine over. He would like to see some one get it and not let it go scarp.He told me it came out of the coal mines in the area. Michael's phone # is 812-983-4267. He will try and answer any questions you have on the machine. Again Michael does not own the machine , and trying to help some one he knows out. I have no association with this piece, just putting it on as a request from the ACMOC Office.
Terry Welch