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Thread: D2 pony motor magneto

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    Default D2 pony motor magneto

    I did a quick search, but didnt come up with anything..

    I'm currently getting a D2-5U going for my father, it's been sitting on a farm for the last 6 years. I've been told it was running when they parked it, but we've all heard that one before...

    It's a simple question i would've thought, but how do i get the rotor off the magneto? im used to working on cars, and the amount of force im using to lever the rotor off seems way too much. have i missed something?


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    I just had surgery done on mine. Does yours have a spark? If not it needs attention. I ended up needing a new coil, points and condensor. The rotor disc assembly should come off with little effort. Try a bit of kroil on the back and apply rocking pressure as you pull it. The whole assembly comes apart pretty easy. Also, the magnets in the rotor can be re-gaussed. Not sure where to go in NZ, but there is a place in Watsonville, CA that did mine a few weeks ago. Starts on the first pull now! Post a picture if you still have trouble.

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    I have had the mag on my D2 loose a spark. So I made a bracket to fit the rope pulley and use a right angle drill to spin the motor. Pull the plugs first, and spin it until the mag generates a field again. It will take alittle bit of time and then you will see one spark then 2 then 6 then back it comes to life.
    good luck

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