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Thread: search function is CRAP

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    Default search function is CRAP

    Why can't I get search to work? All I get is a page that says "Loading"...forever...nothing ever comes up. Advanced search is even worse, all I get is a "500" error message.

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    dunno I just type ACMOC in front of what I want to look for out on a google page seems to work quicker and finds thing quicker


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    Default Search function.

    I used the regular search function successfully to look for a couple of words.

    I tested:

    "Autopatrol" which returned 796 results in 0.25 seconds.
    "9U D6" which returned 2,090 results in 0.28 seconds.
    "harvester" which returned 144 results in 0.30 seconds.

    The regular search appears to be working O. K. for me. That problem may be a connection, connection speed or interface with your browser or operating system issue. If you can tell us more about your environment, connection and connection speed we might be able to research that further.

    I got nearly the same result as you when I clicked Advanced Search. My result was a white screen indicating that there is an Internal Server Error. This problem looks like a bulletin board code or server problem and we'll have our administrators check it out.

    Thanks for letting us know about this problem.


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