What you see when you arrive (first impression)
Covers on Stacks
General cosmetic appearance
Mismatched painted and rusted parts
Condition of sheet metal
Extent of the rust
How far sunk into the ground
Condition of radiator
Coolant in Radiator
Condition of magneto
Condition of tires
Main engine free
Pony engine free
Access for transportation
Fuel leaks
Oil leaks
Hydraulic leaks
Rust on hydraulic cylinder rods
Wear on cylinder rod ends.
Wear on adjustment arms
Weld repairs
Missing components.
Condition of cutting edges
Condition of cabling (Cable controls)
Pull the dip sticks (check for level, condition, water)
Pull the levers
Foot clutch working
Brake pedal operation
Check u-joints on control shafts
Signs of maintenance or lack thereof
Check hour meter reading
Tire tread and direction
Track/grouser direction
Front idler extension
Track alignment
Rollers hitting track pin bosses
Worn track pin ends
Measure track adjuster distance
Feel the track bushings
Frozen track links
Grouser thickness and bending
Lose/missing grouser bolts
Final drive seal leaks
Wear on the drawbar
Wear to the bottom of final drive housing
Wear from tracks hitting the final drive case
Cracks in the frame
Cracks in steering clutch case
Cracks or repairs to the transmission case