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Thread: road test of this vehicle

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    Ada MN

    Thumbs up road test of this vehicle

    well its time to see if I got a avatar and photo on profile, forgot to do some of this stuff the first time
    this site is gonna be great when everyone gets up to speed

    made a change and can live with this profile!!!!
    looks like I will have to do some research on learning the photo posting!!!!!!!!!
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    Ada MN

    Question photo persistance

    well its time to try again

    hey thats OK keep up with the persistance guys!!!

    this is a Japanese crawler with a "wet kit"
    never spin in sand, had to change gear oil this year, a little sand in the belly pan!!!!!
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    eugene vik
    disabled viet nam vet

    20, R2 RD6, D717a. D814a,d31 Komiatsu][/U]

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