Hello all, so I've known about these for a long time. I was finally able to get a deal made on them.

First is a 9U, serial number 17. This Cat was purchased new by a Cloverland ridge native and Washington State senator Howard Roup. Howard used the Cat on his farm until the oil pressure gauge quit, he then replaced it with a parts store gauge with numbers, well it only had around 25 psi of oil pressure on that gauge, so Howard got scared and sold it to a neighbor. Of course the neighbor had wasn't scared at all because he knew that was about normal.

That neighbor used it several years then sold it to the third owner, (who I got it from). Third owner did what many others did to 9U's. Oil clutch, direct electric starting, live hydraulics, and a turbocharger were added. Also a D6B seat tank. Unfortunately it has sat out for some time, but the engine still rolls over so I'm hoping it will still run.

The gear shift moves but the forward/reverse lever is stuck. Any ideas on how to unstick it?

Engine also is still number 17.

Here are some pictures

Bruce P