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Thread: Interchangeability of D4 7J and 7U Tracks?

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    Default Interchangeability of D4 7J and 7U Tracks?

    I have a D4 7J89 with like new tracks and rollers. Diesel was rebuilt years ago and runs excellent. We just use it around the farm, so it doesn't see a lot of hours. However, it has enough problems like a very leaky left final drive seal and almost non-usable right brake, plus there is a rumble somewhere in the transmission. I might have a line on a 7U27, which is a much newer machine with electric start pony and I think good condition, but not so new tracks.

    If I decided to use my 7J for a parts machine, would its tracks and rollers interchange with the 7U? Also, the 7U is a 60 inch gauge where my 7J is standard width. Would many other parts interchange with the 7U as well?

    Thanks for any information and advice.

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    Provided the link count is the same, Iím sure they would interchange.

    Pretty sure rollers would too, but someone here will know for sure.

    Good luck.

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    Default Low Serial Numbers.

    Gee, rhartwick, you seem to have a line on low serial number D4s!

    Even though a serial number is just a serial number, some people think it is neat to have low serial numbers. Others think it is neat to have high serial numbers, because those high number machines have all the developments and evolutions of the design.

    I wouldn't say that either of your D4s are particularly more valuable because of their low serial numbers, but if I had those machines and they are numbers matching engines and chassis, I'd be tempted to try to preserve both of them. The problems you mention will take some work to resolve, but it sounds like neither of them need anything more than some moderate maintenance.

    I believe the tracks, rollers and idlers from the 7J should bolt right up to the 7U. Most engine parts will be different. Some of the transmission and chassis parts will interchange, many will not. If you have specific parts in mind, post them here and the parts book gurus will tell you what will work, what might work and what won't work.


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    The undercarriage is all interchangeable but I would not assume that anything else is, maybe some transmission and back end parts, but there were many change ups over the years, the engine si completely different.

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