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    Quote Originally Posted by jumbo View Post
    I have all the parts, and am now just troubleshooting why I don't have enough flow or pressure to drive the unit. My original question was driven more by the fact that it is easier for me to work standing alongside the grader than sitting under it. My tag line says it all.....
    The one I had, (sold it today) had a 4 inch drive pully and a 5 or 6 inch driven pully.
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    I had to fabricobble a new pump and mount for my Behlin unit under the cab on my 212. If you ever need to replace the pump the Behlin steering unit is only rated at 1,000 PSI. The lowest pressured pump I could find was 1,200 PSI. We set the bypass relief to 1,000 PSI. I had to add a relief line from the pump back to the hydraulic reservoir as the original Behlin pump did not have a relief. I can take pictures if anyone needs some of the whole installation.
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