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Thread: So U wanna make your pictures smaller

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    Lesson #1

    wot applies @ the Acme site also applies here

    to make your pictures smaller n BB friendly @ 800 pixels wide
    jist watch this animation n save it off to your hardrive so U can practise while off line
    a calculator will cum in handy

    I find it best to take the best quality pix n use th@ pix as a master copy n any alterations save with a slightly different file name
    I normally put an "a" @ the end of the name
    eg: image000069.jpg = mastercopy
    image000069a.jpg = altered 1st time
    image000069b.jpg = altered 2nd time etc
    Re: altering pic size
    calculator cums in handy here
    width = 2048
    desired width = 800
    800 divided by 2048 =0.390625 multiplied by 100 (=%) = 39.0625%
    Therefor: the amount of reduced horizontal n vertical % = 39%
    so a pic of 2048 pixels wide reduced to a vertical n Horizontal of 39% = a pic of 799 pixels wide


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    Thank you Swishy, this makes posting pictures alot more understandable. Dave

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    The method that I use for resizing is pretty simple.

    Right click on picture.
    Select "Open With"
    Select "Microsoft Office Picture Manager"
    Now your picture will appear on the screen.
    Select "Edit Pictures....." on the toolbar on top of the screen.
    Select "Resize" on the right side of the screen.
    Select "predefined width and heigth"
    Scroll down to "Web-Large (640 x 480 px)
    Click OK

    Save it and your done.

    Hope this helps,


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