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Thread: New - Second/Third-hand - Acquisition For Chapter 18.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deas Plant. View Post
    Hi, Folks.
    Chapter 18 has a new - second/third-hand - acquisition. The chapter as a whole is now the proud owner of a Caterpillar D348 generator set, mounted on its own trailer - see photos attached.

    Lance Jones first heard about it via a phone call from a gentleman who had read about Chapter 18 in an article in the DowNunda TOMM publication - The Old Machinery Magazine - and knew of this gen set and knew that it would otherwise likely go to scrap. This gentleman, a fellow collector but mostly of 'red stuff', didn't want to see it scrapped if a good home could be found for it. Arrangements were made to inspect it and Lance, Dean Goddard and I went down to check it out. Some sordid financial discussions were engaged in and we all thought it was well worth the chapter purchasing it at the figure mentioned.

    A motion to purchase was submitted at a chapter meeting at a local show a week later and was passed by a good majority. A tender was then submitted to the owners and was accepted a couple of days later. The 'shekels' have been sent and we have now but to arrange collection of our new toy.

    Can anybody tell me if an F350 dually and a 10,000# gooseneck trailer will handle this? LOL It probably tips the scales at somewhere slightly North of about 22,000# with the trailer under it. I'm told the D348 engine alone is around 7,700 Kg or around 16,000#.

    It is planned to have a working day on a date to be fixed to go over this new toy, check it all out, and try to get it running. We were assured by the previous owner that it was 'running when parked' about 5 years ago. The engine turns - relatively - freely for a 700 hp V12 - if you happen to have a 3-foot Stillson handy to latch onto the fan drive extension on the front of the crankshaft. It does need a fuel tank and, thanks to Lance Jones, the chapter has a couple of options there. The unit appears to be pretty much all there - except for the tachometer and we will need to either find a tachometer for it or find a suitable cap for that opening.

    It also currently has a couple of 415-volt flame-proof 3-phase electrical outlets as per mine specifications. It may well be fitted with standard 415-volt 3-phase outlets plus perhaps a couple of (DowNunda) standard 240-volt outlets so that we can boil a jug and sell cups of tea or coffee AT COST - - - - considering transport, fuel and maintenance costs plus water, tea, coffee, sugar, milk,etc., probably about $15.00 to $25.00 a cup. LOL.

    The beast came from a closed down Magnesite mine in Central New South Wales - otherwise known as 'Mexico' around where I live in Queensland (Poaching???????) - and was used to power the underground workings of the mine. It apparently was never taken underground itself but provided power from a base at the tunnel portal.

    A chapter member has graciously offered to shed it for us. We'll just hafta keep a good check on the hour meter. LOL.

    One or another of us will keep 'yuz'all' posted on further developments.

    Wait a moment! Did I hear somebody asking how much it cost the chapter? Oh, that was you over there, was it? Wanna know all the gory details, huh? Better get yourself sat down then. It cost $1,800 plus $180.00 federal government goods and services tax - - - - Total - $1,980.00

    'Das pict-yuers':

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    Happy now?

    Just my 0.02.
    Great catch guys. I think there is something even more historic here. In one of the pictures I see two Aussies with long pants on. What gives? I think you can tow it home by hooking it to an electric tow vehicle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ag-mike View Post
    you are kidding about towing it with f350? thats well over its rating. look at drivers door jamb 2 see ratings. great project!
    Ag-mike is right.....You should prolly use a duramax
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    Default 208 vs 415

    208, being 1 of the 3 phase voltages to neutral, doubled is 416.
    If you have 240, as we do, you probably have 480 as we do also.

    Just saying.

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    Default Getting it home?

    Hi, 7U1216.
    Personally, I'd rather use a (YECH!!!!!) Kenworth than either an F350 or a Duramax but my ultimate choice would be a Peterbuilt with one of OUR tri-axle 'lowboys' with NON-detachable goozeneck, rear hydraulic ramps and a good winch.

    One 'topsider' heavy haulage driver once commented on this very BB that he would LOVE to be able to drive a D11 fully rigged up a set of ramps onto a flat deck the size of a small landing field, chain it down and GO.

    Like this:

    Or some more 'run-of-the-mill 'floats'.

    Just my 0.02.
    You have a wonderful day. Best wishes.

    Deas Plant.

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