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Thread: Unable to open BB using AOL

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    Default Unable to open BB using AOL

    I have been unable to open the ACMOC BB from my home computer ever since the new BB was launched. I am using AOL dial up service at home. I never had a problem with the old BB and have no problems at the ACME BB. Do I need to change a setting in AOL or something? Would appreciate your feedback.

    Bill Austin

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    I use AOL V9 and have not had a problem ever. I hope you are not using the new Open Ride software. I tried it and it was trash. Had to uininstall it and doing so lost alot of favorites and e-mail. I went back to Version 9.
    other small excavating pieces as well.

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    Sorry for the late reply, been out of town the past week with hardly any Internet access. Time to catch up!

    AOL is probably the number one problem most folk have with accessing any number of online resources, and I've had a good number of complaints both here and at ACME. As Al mentions there are problems with some of the versions, and what makes it worse is it can sometimes be a combination of your particular version of AOL software and who provides your connection. AOL doesn't always tell you, but they subcontract who you actually connect to (Comcast, Verizon, Brighthouse etc.) so you also have to contend with how that outfit configures their network as well.

    I know all that doesn't provide much of an answer, but hopefully sheds a little light on how much is usually involved in getting to the bottom of an AOL problem. Fortunately there are entire web sites dedicated to addressing the numerous headaches experienced by AOL customers. Here's a link to one, or just use "AOL problems" in Google or Yahoo:

    Wish I could wave my magic mouse and make it all better!

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    Default Aol

    I had that problem too when I was on AOL, Sky is much better and cheaper

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