During the course of this forums operation the email addresses used for contact have been found and distributed among the hordes of spammers. Do to the nature of their mailings they cannot be separated from your legitimate emails by an automated process, which basically means I spend a good portion of most evenings looking at each and every email to see what's what. What I'm finding is that I either miss a genuine email or respond days or weeks after it's actually sent, many of these involving requests for help or assistance.

In an effort to reduce significantly the amount of spam emails and better respond to the members here we will be rotating the system email addresses on a regular basis. Sharing this info with you serves two purposes: One to inform as to why response may have been "sluggish" to your email and two, to advise you to not save or use the system email address for regular communication. Always use the "Contact Us" link or similar rather than using the address from the last email you received.

When changing addresses I will leave the previous one in operation for two weeks before putting into a non-receiving auto reply mode which will cause the spammers problems. The interim overlap will allow for anyone contacted to be able to respond normally before the account is disabled.

Thank you,

Joe Black