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Thread: D8 15A steering clutch

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    Thanks for the help folks. We loaded up my D8 and moved it from my bosses place to where I'll be building my shopand house. Big improvement with the steering. Still could use some work but it will do ok for now.

    What I'm experiencing is sometimes now it seems the left hand steering clutch won't release and you have to pull really hard on thee er to get it to do so. Sometimes twice. You can feel it in the lever but the tractor just stops moving.

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    Default Sticky Steering Clutches

    Not sure if this is applicable or not but when Garlic Pete and I retrieved my D7 17A a couple of years ago it ended up with one steering clutch stuck in the released position.

    It, an IH TD6, and a road scraper for the TD6 had been sitting in an open pasture setting for several years (ran when parked). Pete got it and a dead IH TD6 up a 1/4 mile dirt road and loaded on his trailer with it in that condition. After we got it to my place I later removed both rear covers on the rear of the thing (~1/2ft X 1/2ft) and I could see a difference between working side and the non working side. Using a one quart oil can I squirted a lot of oil every where I could in both sides of the unit. This was on the Cross Shaft/Throw Out Bearing mechanisms and their actuating mechanisms. Just whatever I could/could not see through those ports. I had my wife pulling the clutch levers while I looked to see the differences in both sides movements (or lack of return) and would, with a large pry bar, pry the reluctant side back. She would operate the steering lever and I would pry it back to return it. We would go at a half hour or so and let the recently squirted oil soak in/around another day then repeat. It came clear after several days of this.


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    Default Another Brake Adjust Method

    Hi Team,
    been looking most of this afternoon and found a September 11 1959 Service Magazine article on said subject.
    Hope it is clearer, at least for the tool drawing.
    Maybe not as easy a method? as the later Service Reporter article but at least we can read it.
    Sorry, I have not the time to compare both methods to see if they differ.
    Eddie B.
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    The previous picture looks to me like a dry clutch system . Wet clutch has a hydraulic booster and is different. There was a post on the the forum on this subject pertaining to 14a. I bet they are the same. I'll look for it. I don't know how to link the thread but search " D8 14a wet deck brakes" in the search box and you should find it.
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    I would start off with pulling the decking up and lubricating ALL the grease points (and there are a lot!). I think there are a few under the clutch covers also. It probably has filters in the clutch housings also.

    Every time I pull this stuff apart I seem to find another spot to lube.

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