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    Default Forklift attachment

    Iím curious if there has ever been a forklift attachment for the early D4s or D2s. My buddy and I were talking about attachments for my RD4 and thought a forklift would be one of the most useful. However, we couldnít find any examples. Have any of you fellas ever come across one?
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    Default Forklifts?

    Hi, FLDrew91.
    I vaguely remember seeing a photo of some kind of crawler with a forklift mounted on the back end, similar to what you occasionally see on wheel tractors around orchards and market gardens. Sorry but I can't remember where, when or on what and I don't seem to be able to find the photo in my collection, if indeed I saved it. But I can't see any good reason why it couldn't be done, maybe mounted in place of the drawbar support brackets.

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    Not that I know of, Trackson HT4 loaders had fork attachments. There were a few other makes out there though, like John deere and Terratrack, I think Case and Oliver had some too.
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    I have seen a pair of forks adapted to hook over the top of the dozer blade on D4 sized machines which allow one to move pallets around but not enough lift to put them on a truck bed. They were using it to move RCP and field tile around a jobsite.

    Of course Deas will know that Caterpillar supplied crawlers (941, 955) with forklift attachments to the government to work down in Antarctica but not as early as D2,D4 of the age you mentioned.


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