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Thread: Be safe and get well people! Off Topic?

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    Pray Be safe and get well people! Off Topic?

    I just wanted to put this out here:
    Just some thoughts. I’ve been seeing and hearing about too many friends either passing away or fighting illness or injuries. PLEASE BE CAREFUL and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES! PLEASE!!!!
    Life is too precious. Take a moment to embrace the ones that you care about and learn to enjoy life some.
    I shouldn’t broadcast this, however, I heard that FatCATs father is recovering from a trucking/farm related incident; Angelo Frank Danna broke his ankle after he got out of the air conditioned cab of his D4H and the list goes on..........
    Wishing those fellas and anyone else out there the best of health. JM
    (Picture of Frank next to his sweet, hopped up 5 roller DE D47U)
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    Thanks for the thought. Us old guys need to be extra careful, mounting and dismounting.
    Cat 12 grader, 8T6995 running and restoring, Cat 12 grader 9K3585. parts machine, Adams leaning wheel Pull grader Mod # 22, ser#438

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    Default Dad

    Dad just got home Sunday for the first time in 3 1/2 weeks spirits are good he’s happy to be home and is getting better and better every day

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    Default D4

    Pic. of Frank by D4. What are the 2 items on the front of the tracks down low? catskinner

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    Default check breakers

    Those are called check breakers. In this area irrigating was done at one time by flooding the orchard. Checks or ridges were made to hold the water in place where it was intended to go. When it was time to disc or break the checks the plates on the check breakers folded down and when the tractor went over the check it pushed the mound of dirt flat so the operator wouldn't get bucked off.

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