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Thread: O. T. - Hurricane Florence.

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    Glad to hear your ok Stephen, Water still continues to rise in some areas further east, hoping the waters will recede starting tomorrow.
    They just closed 421 south last night at Deep river near sanford.
    Many Homes, Businesses Farms and Land has been effected, Several have died and last i heard the livestock deaths were 4+ million in chickens, turkeys, hogs and some cattle, reports are still coming in as people are yet to be able to return to their homes.

    We will be dealing with the after effects for some time.

    You just never know what can happen, our friends on the West Coast dealing with Fires and the East Coast dealing with Floods, I guess the Middle will have record snow this winter to balance it out!
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    As it happens the weatherman up our way is predicting large snowfalls this year so we shall see.... Not so bad so long as the roof can be kept somewhat clear and it doesn't immediately warm up and turn the snow into flood. Definitely easier to deal with than fires or floods

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