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Thread: D82U steering clutches stuck

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    Well Jan, you didnít say if you felt the jolt to the elbow or all the way up your shoulder? I bet you remember it vividly. Lol. Iíve used the gas in the spark plug hole trick as well. Flow might not be perfect on some of my pony starts, so once in awhile, Iíve had to cup my fists over the filler on the tank and give it the breathalyzer test. It works. JM

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    Janmeermans, my favorite mag tester is a paperclip, partially straightened so that one doubled end is a spring fit in the plug-wire tower of the magneto cap, and the other reaches to within 1/4" of one of the holddown screws. That way you can hold the mag body with one hand, turn the mag drive with the other, and see the condition of the park without getting bit. You can swap the clip from one tower to the other, or, if you can afford two, test both at once.

    My original plug wires were routed through a steel conduit. I expected them to be shorted, but amazingly both were OPEN, so I have been running the pony with a pair of old wires from some other tractor

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