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Thread: 8T cat12 starting problem solved

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    Default 8T cat12 starting problem solved

    Ever since I have had this machine, I need a small squirt of start fluid to make it fire. Never has built fuel pressure when cranking. Recently changed the poppet in the fuel pump. $50.00 wasted. New gaskets on top of the fuel tower. No help. crack the tower bleed screw and it has air in it. Bleed and it fires. Shade tree solution: Brazed a lever to the bleed screw. Get it cranking pop bleeder open then close and it fires right up. Now if I can get some rain on these country roads, I can go out and play. Hasn't rained since April.
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    so it's making air? have you check over the back filter plate well as there might be a crack in it. glad to see you got it solved as i don't like the use of summer in a can. that beaning said i to have a few can's around my place.

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    I think this is a grader or wheel loader problem. Or if a tractor's tank is real low. A good solution is a return line to the tank from the top of the filter housing. Some industrial engines had them. I think you could make one by connecting a hose to the filter bleed drain line and then just crack the bleed valve a tiny bit. Don't want to bleed away too much flow, just enough to let the air purge. Is that line one that has a T ???
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