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    Default We have a need........

    All ACMOC Members,

    Your Board of Directors met on January 11th past (USA time) to launch the new year for the Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owner's Club. President Andy Haberle in another post brought you the results of that meeting regarding the make up of the new BoD. At that same meeting, we voted in the Officers who will serve us. One position remains unfilled; that of Secretary. At the meeting, Dan Hanson who has served us so well in that position I believe since 2013, resigned. The Club now needs the help of the Membership to fill that position.

    As Secretary, you would need to be in attendance for 10 conference calls of the Board and one face to face meeting at this year's National Show. In consultation with the President, the Secretary provides the Agenda for the meeting. In that Agenda, the Secretary has the role of providing the Secretary's Report of the status of both Old and New Business. They are responsible to record the proceedings of the meeting with published Minutes. The Minutes include all Resolutions made, Committee Reports and all other business that was conducted both in open session and closed session. This is a very important position as they maintain the records of the Club.

    We are making a lot of changes this year with the Directors taking the lead in all the committees. Much work has to be done in order to make the changes envisioned by the current board. With the commitment of time and effort to increase the functionality of the committees maxed out, no one on the Board felt they could also take on the job of Secretary, thus this message seeking assistance from the Membership. Please help us locate someone to take this position if you know of a good candidate. I am sure that Dan Hanson will be more than glad to help anyone who steps up to assume this task. His template for the Minutes will be provided to the new Secretary. Much discourse on the BB has been expended towards making changes to the Club and we are responding accordingly. This is an area we can use some help.

    Please feel free to contact Andy Haberle (haberaj), myself (janmeermans) by PM or by the telephone numbers listed in the front of the magazine. I am also sure that any one of the other board members will be most glad to talk to you about serving in the position as well.

    Now is your chance to help guide this Club forward. Please give this appeal your best consideration if you think you or anyone else you could suggest, would be able to help.

    Jan Meermans, for the ACMOC Board of Directors
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    Hi Members,

    I am just pushing this back up the top, Jan elected to go to you the membership, to ask for assistance in regards a secretary for the Club, I will also ask that you all give consideration to this role as well as the many committees. Unfortunately in the past far too much work and responsibility for running the Club, has fallen on a very small number of individuals. This is very unfair, you all benefit as members, the BoD all give of their time voluntarily for your benefit, it would be nice to see more members stepping up to help, you will be most welcome.

    Volunteers for the position of Secretary please


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    Default Refreshing post

    We have the paper and the pen. We just need someone to do the writing!


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    Default Butttttttt?????????????????

    Hi, Jan M.
    BUTTTTTTTTTTTT?????????????? It IS wunna those 'bring-yer-own-pay' jobs though, right?????????? LOL.

    SURELY, there MUST be someone, somewhere who is ready, willing and able to be over-worked and UN-paid????? LOL.

    Take it on for the love of 'yellow iron' or 'cos you have an incurable case of 'yellow fever'.

    Just my 0.02.
    You have a wonderful day. Best wishes.

    Deas Plant.

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