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Thread: latch screws on D2 starter pinion

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    Default latch screws on D2 starter pinion

    Hi guys
    Hoping for some help here i have pulled the starter pinion to pieces and forgot to count the number of turns to have the screw flush and then how many to turns to get in the right position for starting

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    If you search on the BB there is reference to your question.
    If I remember correctly others have told me 1 1/2 turns will get you close. I replaced the latch spring on mine and that adjustment was really close.
    Should add that was with the screws flush with the housing then count your turns
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    Default Initial Latch Adjustment Screw Position

    Hi Team,
    from observation over the years a good starting point would be around 1/2 a turn of the screw head in below flush of the latch end and start from there.
    Scan below may help with the adjustment.
    Eddie B.
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    i believe toby says just about flush to start out when putting it back together in his video.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ag-mike View Post
    i believe toby says just about flush to start out when putting it back together in his video.
    Yep that's right, that setting is a bit on the light side and usually needs another 1/2 to 1-1/2 turns in to end up where it needs to be (every machine is different) but I like to sneak up on it knowing that the first start isn't going to ventilate the pony motor because the latches were too tight.
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