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Thread: Oregon Birdlife - NOT Cat-related but DEFINITELY ACMOC-related

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    Hi Deas,

    Yes, that's already on the list! It will be fixed soon.


    Quote Originally Posted by Deas Plant. View Post
    Hi, Folks.
    They have some interesting bird life up in Oregon, woodpeckers f'rinstnce. One uv 'em came and sat on my windowsill a couple of days ago, figuratively speaking, of course, and tweeted an interesting song into my bedroom. The gist of this song seemed to be that ACMOC's corporation fees in Oregon had not been paid since about 2014.

    So now I am kew-ree-yuss. Did this little birdie all the way from Oregon know what it was 'tweeting' about or was it just blowing hot air?

    If it did know what it was talking about, where was the finance committee sleeping through all of this?

    I think that maybe more than just my kew-ree-yuss mind would like to know.

    Just my 0.02.

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    Default I Thort so.

    Hi, Sue.
    Knowing a bit about you and a couple of the others currently on the BoD, I sorta thort so. Thanks for the confirmation.

    Just try not to feel like you're up in Alaska right now with all that paperwork falling down around you. LOL.

    Just my 0.02.
    You have a wonderful day. Best wishes.

    Deas Plant.

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