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Thread: 944/330 pre cup parts don't fit?

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    Default 944/330 pre cup parts don't fit?

    I ordered the steel rings that seal the pre cups to the head. I went to install them and they are to small ID. Don't fit over the threads. The serial number of the machine is 43A622. The casting number on the head is 2s9000, the parts book calls for head 2m8149.Could this be a replacement head? I ordered 9h5897 gasket,which are steel rings.My old gaskets are .195 thick and .905 ID. the new ones 9h5897 are .105 thick and .795 ID. Can anyone help me?

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    Default Pre Chamber Gaskets

    Hi Team,
    scans below may help. Also attached scans for glow plug alignment method.
    Hope this helps.
    Eddie B.
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    Casting 2S9000, is part of head assembly 2S9004. Both 2M8149 and 2S9004 shown as used on the 43A, 2M8149 is the earlier one and 2S9004 looks to start use at 43A1665, I see no cross between 2S9004 and 2M8149, but there is some overlap of use on some machines.

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