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Thread: Just begining 1917 Holt 75 restoration (sn3379)

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    Default Just begining 1917 Holt 75 restoration (sn3379)

    We've just dove into the tear down of our Holt 75. So far no "Oh Crap" findings. This was donated to the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula in the early 1980's by Westmont Tractor. Sat outside their building, then outside at the museum until we brought it under cover.

    Pistons and rings are in good shape, cylinders had a little flash rust, but should hone up. Lots froze up, but gallons of PB Blaster has freed up the valves, rocker arms and almost everything else.

    The only thing we can point to that is broke or missing is the steering worm gear bracket is broke and the radiator is missing the shroud. Looking at some pictures of 7's online, several have that front bracket broken as well.

    We just finished rebuilding a 1927 Cat Sixty and can't help to notice the advances in engine design in ten years. The Sixty has enclosed rocker arms and pressurized oil to the top end. All bearings instead of Babbitt's.
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    The learning curve those fellows of the times had to go through ........

    thanks for posting
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