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Thread: Need info on Cat 1673 engine..

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    Default Need info on Cat 1673 engine..

    I am looking at an 1981 Oshkosh snow plow truck which has a Caterpillar 1673 engine (turbocharged) and a dump box. I am familiar with the 3306 and 3406 Cat engines, but know nothing about the 1673 engine. I am guessing the 1673 engine is a 6 cyl inline, smaller than the 3306 or 3406?? What are the "good and bad" about this particular engine? How does it compare to the 3306 or the 3406? This truck was govt truck and has only about 7000 original miles. Any helpful information would be appreciated! Thank you!

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    Was this previous post not useful?

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    Default 1673 B Truck Engine Specs.

    Hi Team,
    way back when, at The Dealer I fitted several derated to 200 Hp of these to International R195's, and 2 x R200 cab over trucks with another 3 done by someone else along with a Fuso, a WW2 Federal.
    1670's were also fitted into R 195's (as the 1673 was too heavy on the front axle for our antiquated road axle limits) along with a Leyland interstate haulage truck with success.
    They are a truck version of the D333 Cat engine as used in many Cat machines of the day and served well.

    Hope the spec. sheets from a Salesman's Hand Book helps.
    Eddie B.
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