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    Default Cat 666

    Hello ,last Cat 666 going to be restored in Australia -

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    Default One MAY Be 'Born'?????????????

    Hi, Bruce P.
    Thanks for the link. The one that went to New Zealand 'ackshully' spent several years up here in and around Brisbane working with some of the survivors of the Thiess batch of 6 X Cat 660Bs which came to Australia in the late 1960s-early 1970s. then, about 2 years ago, it and all the 660s and that 666 were sold off. some of them going to N.Z. and some staying here.

    Last I heard about 18 months ago, there were plans afoot to do some 'surgery on one of the Cat 660Bs that stayed here to install a rear engine and 'convert' it to a 666B. Apparently, all the rear diff. housing is already there in most if not all of the 660Bs which makes this kind of 'surgery' a whole lot easier.

    I do not know where these plans are at the moment, haven't seen the people involved for some time now.

    Just my 0.02.
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    Thumb Service Manual...

    I saved a Service Manual for the 657-666 from the trash. The manual is in good shape other than some dirty fingerprints. I know Boston Power Cat has the 666 featured in issue 126 Mar/Apr 2016, I was about to contact them when I saw this. I would like to get this manual to a group that needs it but I don't know about shipping to either country.
    Anyone that is interested please PM me.
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