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Thread: You may not like THIS either...

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    Wish I was rich. These California regulations are killing my oilfield business.

    Iím very very thankful for finding this BB. Iíve met many good folks and created many new friendships that would never have happened without this BB. Pops (Glen) made good money and spent a ton of money on his antique equipment. I know this first hand. Tom has spent a ton of money and time with the Santa Margarita Show. These Californians have been a great contributor to our club.

    I like building a variety of mechanical creations that would have been more difficult without this BB. You have helped me out several times Ron. Unfortunately you feel this way cuz your the one missing out. This BB will continue on without you while you sit at home missing out.

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    D4e, PM never showed up, but we're good. Thanks.
    Oil Slick,
    Don't worry about me, I have enough projects to probably last me...if you ever pass through CO West in your travels, look me up, we'll round up Kelly & do lunch or something...haven't heard from the old bugger for a while, but no bad news either, I guess that's good.

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