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Thread: CATS - not "Cat Fights"

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    Default CATS - not "Cat Fights"

    Just an old man's opinion - for what that is worth --

    FYI - I served "my time" on CAT'S in the fields of Northern California, from Gasoline to Diesel, Thirty to 2U D'8, this is before rubber tires / rubber tracks and "green and yellow paint" took over. Tracks ruled the large and small operations - most of it Yellow but some Red and Orange mixed in to make it interesting. I spent a couple years in a Cat dealership busting my knuckles, turnining pins and bushings, etc. I am not unfamiliar with the hard work it takes to maintain a Cat!

    I brought home a pair of Thirty's and that started Dad's collection of Cat's. Dad and I never had a "bankroll" to support our passions. He gathered parts and pieces to bring it back to life, maybe not to "factory" but certainly better that a frozen piece of iron rusting into the dirt! That all passed when Dad passed away and I had no place to move them or keep them, and he had expressed wishes to sell them to people that cared and would enjoy them. To that end, and with help of the people here ( Veerkamps, Madden, Garlic "bunch", Old Iron Habit, and Bruce P., Gee) and many others, this was accomplished. (Without the outreach and help of many from ACMOC - this would not have been accomplished - THANK YOU.)

    I read - THOSE RICH CALIFORNIA PEOPLE -- hmmm -- I am not rich, I am 2nd generation Californian, still have calouses on my hand and a shiny shovel (not from lack of use!) Ears ring from the constant hours of banging/clanging tracks - short exhausts and what - a muffler?

    ASK YOURSELVES - Where did Caterpillar originate? HMMMM - just maybe California? Where did you find iron tracks in the fields, maybe California? Who raises your salad, nuts, tomatoes, fruits, rice, so many other crops, maybe California? Who pays some of the highest taxes and fees to live where they do, California? Who has some of the toughest rules and regulations to adhere to, maybe California? Where do you look for OLD CAT's - just maybe a great place is in California - now they call em "barn finds"?

    Would it matter if it was California, or another land? To single out California other than the birthplace of our beloved Caterpillar, is hurtful to many.

    IF THE INTENT IS TO ALIENATE AND CREATE DISCORD - YOU ARE HITTING THE NERVES! Go ahead - throw the rocks, break the windows, it will get COLD in here! People will leave and not come back, knowledge and help will be gone!

    I suggest - get back on "track"! This site was intended for Caterpillar enthusiasts, operator's and owners. Members and Guests alike, the common interest is the binder. HELP EACH OTHER - SHARE EXPERIENCE & KNOWLEDGE .

    Don't allow or engage in behaviours or attitudes that take the pleasures of Caterpillar away from those that come here to be part of this community.

    Yes, I am a guest and as such - really wonder why I bother coming here at all anymore - Life is too short to be engaging in such discord, we have enough hate and discord in the world today without adding more here. Remember too - many of us "old timer's" are on fixed and limited incomes, we watch what and where we spend our funds - that comes from the years of toil and hard work we did to reach these "golden years". "Guests" here add value and in many cases irreplaceable information and knowledge.

    Together we are ACMOC - just like the chains and pads we ride upon with our cats, we depend upon each other, one broken link and it stops!

    "Keep 'em crawlin'"

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    Thumbs up

    Well said !

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    "I couldna sed it betta!
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    70 and sunny!
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    Talk about barking up the wrong tree.

    Collecting and restoring Catís in California is a difficult thing in todayís environment.

    You can goto an auction and buy a running crawler and the registration tags on the slightly legal old pu truck cost more than the crawler... then where to you keep it. With todays housing and land costs the majority of the people that can afford those prices donít want an old tractor or those old tractors next door and the type of people that grew up working on that equipment regardless of occupation are priced out of the market. In a few years California wonít be your problem because there wonít be many of us left. Every day I think to myself should I just put it on CL or haul it to the auction and be done with it an move on then you can rewrite CA cat history.

    There is a reason why there were so many cats out here and I am sorry that doesnít meet your pre conceived notion of why.

    I have been called a rich silver spoon Californian on here before. This was after I saw some scrappers cleaning out a farm yard from a neighbor selling out paying down some bills after a storm and moving into town.

    I paid the same price the scrapper did, free. This was for a well worn, torched downed rollers hitting the bosses, frozen engine, transmission and cross-shaft D4. The thing is I came back with a loader and worked for free for a couple weekends and cleaned up the scrappers mess. Plus it really wasnít free as he borrowed my laser scraper the year before. Thatís what neighbors do at least the old school farm neighbors here in CA.

    Actually the silver spoon comment came from when I unstuck the engine and was going to run it as is. Come on it spent 9 months and 6 days a week for decades doing easy Ag work in hard dry adobe cemented rocks it wasnít going to be used for much. When I traded my brother what eventually ended up being a weeks worth of machine work for an engine kit.

    One of the saddest days I saw here in CA is when the estate of a collector sent 30 mostly complete 3 cylinder Rd6ís, 35ís and 40ís to the scrapper when scrap was high and the economy was in the tank.

    I am sorry that the last few of us that are trying to save this from the torch and scrap heap offends you.

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    Well said CTS.
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    Thank you for your comments CTS and CR, it is very hard to maintain a positive attitude in today's world.

    As a moderator on the BB we have to walk a very fine line as to what is right and wrong, people can get very upset if we ask for a correction to be made, or if a subject is removed all together. There can be lots of "grey" areas especially with so many different cultures, traditions, and environments represented on this BB. What might be offensive to one can be perfectly normal to another, i think one problem is people have tendencies to "read" a certain tone into ones words that may not be the intent, which 99% of the time happens in all forums of text communication. This point is the major reason we need to promote chapters, events and shows that much more, cause the best way to communicate is face to face and the only way this club will grow to future generations. People are so glued to a screen these days ie: their computer or cell phone they are loosing touch with reality.

    All you California Collectors are welcome to come to NC, trying to keep up with regulations in CA is enough to make any man scratch his head and say "why am i doing this".
    Just a warning ... we do have lots of humidity so drink lots of water or ( sweet Tea) and be ready to perspire!
    You all are welcome to drop in for a visit anytime before you plan your move, just head East on I-40!
    Erik Christenbury
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    Erik, your kind invite is 31ys late for this California native!
    I've been asked a few times if I was a Yankee or a damned Yankee- my answer was "California Yankee" proud to be born at Ft Ord.
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    Well said CTS. Thank you for your post. JM

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