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Thread: D6 5R with Hydraulics for sale in upstate New York

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    Default D6 5R with Hydraulics for sale in upstate New York

    D65R s/n 253. Has hydraulic blade.20191013_102712.jpg20191014_172015.jpg20191013_102634.jpg20191014_171800.jpg20191014_172231.jpg20191014_171745.jpg20191014_172031.jpg20191014_172048.jpg20191014_171934.jpg20191014_171738.jpg20191014_172134.jpg Last ran about 10 yrs ago. Pony motor ran but was getting some antifreeze in the cylinder so it was taken off to fix but was never done, thats why pics show its not bolted down. Fan blade is also broken. Tracks are in excellent shape. Hour meter says 2656 but i doubt thats accurate. Was stored inside up until September. but is tarped now. We do have equipment to load it. $4000 obo Thanks
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