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Thread: model year & parts for a D7E-48a11730

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    Post model year & parts for a D7E-48a11730

    hi, i am new to the site and to my machine. can someone tell me about what year my a cat d7e model 48a11730 might be. i don't have much for documentation anywhere.

    i have a parts manual but it isn't very clear on some of the illistrations and i would love to find an ON LINE parts manual but haven't had any luck there yet. any suggestions would be appricated.

    thanks for any help provide,


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    Default 48a

    They came out in 1961 but that,s all I have on it but guessing I,d think it,s about a 1963 or possibly a 64 or could be a year later than that but that gives you an idea but guys on here have a book with all SNs & when they were built so I,m sure someone will come back with the exact year it was made.You have a good machine there but in my area here they were not as popular as the D6 or D8 as they were a kind of in between tractor for size too big for smaller jobs & not big enough for big jobs but that didn,t take anything away from it.This is what I observed here in my area as working for the dealer I saw this on sales and service. There was lots of coal strippings and road construction so the bigger D8s & 9s were used and the D6s on smaller construction and grading work.
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    Default D7e 48a

    Best I can tell you is your tractor is a 1968 model--48A10214 thru 12094 is a 1968 model--1969 is12095 thru 13718 is 1969 . Have a few Parts for one if
    you need them . Yours is proably a 180HP model ,better than the 160HP.
    A lot of parts from a D7F from the motor back will work on yours.

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    Al Engines, I guess they didn,t make as many as I guessed so I guess I,ll have to get one of those books with all the SN years made. My book is a Cat dealer SNID book but only lists the start up date of production so I guess my experience on lower sales was all over the country than just here in my area for the D7s.

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    mike over on the other cat site(ACME)a cat named Busted puts some parts and operation manuals on CDs for a very reasonable price.if u really want one i would contact him over there.rudy

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