Hi Everyone,

I will make a long story short. I was plowing heavy snow and the right side track went loose. I looked at the front idler and it had moved back towards the sprocket. I am not sure but I think I may have gotten to much snow and ice packed in the track and pushed the threaded adjusting rod that goes to the idler through the adjusting nut.

I used my D4 to pull the idler forward again but as soon as I moved the D6 the front Idler moved towards the sprocket and the track went slack again. Does it seem possible to shove the threaded track adjusting bolt through the adjusting nut? If so it looks as if I may be able to remove the adjusting bolt and housing /nut assembly as one unit in the CAT service man's repair manual. Has any one done this before? Do I have to be concerned about the main track spring flying out if I remove the other parts? I want to do this job safely for sure.

Any tips?